Fancy Mealtime

Fancy Mealtime

Felix is almost one. I know! One whole year. Goes by faster every second, it feels like.

Evan and I like to go out to a nice dinner for each of our birthdays and would eventually like to pass the tradition on to Felix but since he’s still too young to make it through several courses, I thought it’d be really cute to dress his mealtime up a bit. I’ve loved this spoon and fork set since before I got pregnant so I think it’ll add to making his day more special. One is a big year afterall.


We usually go plastic for everyday meals but this day deserves something a bit more grown-up. This bowl and cup set is so cute. Comes in a girl version too.

We don’t have this exact high chair but I think it’s what I would’ve gone with had we not gone with this one.

A tux bib, I mean things are getting really fancy.

Alphabet splat mat to catch all the food that’s bound to drop.

Reservations for one please.