Fun with Felt Food

Evan sent me an email yesterday linking to this site with toys he suggested we get for Felix. One quick look and I was like, yes!. And then I became enamored as I searched for more options of this toy type and came to notice it might be a thing. A thing perhaps people are into, maybe even adults more than kids.

It’s felt food! Food made of felt to resemble exactly real food. Some of the food I found was so accurate and specific, I was honestly pretty impressed. It’s like the cutest thing since baby penguins.

Foodie Kids

market :: fruit set :: lobster set :: lunch set :: cotton candy set

The thought of a kid pretend eating lobster sort of cracks me up.

It was only appropriate I find a pretend market for all this food to come from.

Let your kids have all they cotton candy they wish.

Happy Wednesday!